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L'Aksent in the snow

In Auvergne you still experience real snow fun

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a walk on the Banne d'Ordance

Skiing on a volcano

Skiing on a volcano:

Skiing on a volcano, it says you something?

In the massif of the Sancy, one can ski on 3 different places:

On the South side is Superbesse.

Located at the foot of the Puy de Perdrix, this ski resort with 43 km of slopes. (if the connection with the domain of Mont Dore is open, you have 84 km of slopes)

The area, located in the middle of the old volcano and its crater, is ideal to learn skiing, but also experienced downhill riders will come into their own.

Superbesse is a modern station with a capacity to hold 15,000 people, and 5000 skiers per day to receive.

The station is 32 km, but it's well worth it to be able to ride, along with a visit to one of the most beautiful villages of France: Besse.

On the north side, located in the Valley where the Dordogne has its source, is the ski resort of Mont Dore.

At 1050 m altitude, are the slopes at the foot of the Sancy.

A telepherique brings you to the top at 1880 m, where you have even more descents, and the connection to Superbesse.

The ski resort is 20 km from here.

On the west side, lies the small charming mountain village of Chastreix.

This is very popular with families with children. You have 16 km of slopes.

Chastreix is also 20 km from Tauves.