Bikers are welcome to our gite l'Aksent

By the time that the days be nicer and warmer, the "machines ' back above the beautiful, polished and prepared to met to explore France.


Auvergne is a great area to explore with the moto.

The holiday house is located in the l'Aksent 4 wind directions on pulling out.

Petit futé, has written a book with the 100 most beautiful routes in France, under which you can discover from Tauves 5.

les 100 plus belles walking, France a moto (ISBN 9782746952553)

route No. 53: Le plateau de Millesvaches a la Dordogne

route No. 54: De la chaine des puys aux gorges de la sioule

rskipping nr 55 : Du Mont Dore aux gorges de la Rhue

route No. 56: Les Monts du Cantal

r Aux frontieresskipping nr 57: the Auvergne

The cottage offers accommodation for 2 couples. Each room has a separate bathroom.

There is a large garage where the motorcycles can park in a covered place safe and dry.

We ourselves have a moto, and know the region on our hand.

We want you guys always help in the formulation of the tours, as well as guides in this beautiful environment.