Village of 800 inhabitants, Tauves enjoy a healthy and mild climate. Her carpet of green, its beech and spruce forests, the fish-bearing streams, are prosperous animal breeding Center, make Tauves a soothing place where it is good to relax. Tauves is a perfect place for a holiday in the Auvergne.

This city, is full of sights, built heritage, typical slate roofs that give this city a real identity countryside and allows it to stand out from the more familiar environments: La Bourboule, Mont-Dore. This abundant common traditions and heritage, will make your holidays in Auvergne to a worthwhile stay.

Tauves has its own tourist assets:

  • Romanesque church (classified) make cheese of the auvergne
  • Visit (different options) travel health
  • Course, discovered the village and crafts
  • Festival of lackeys at the end of July in the open air
  • hiking trails  
  • Contrela-watch cycling (20 km between Tauves and Chastreix snow)
  • weekly market (Thursday)
  • Vide grenier:   in July in the village of
  • art exhibition throughout the year
  • in the showroom.
  • concerts in the Church of Tauves Classic
  • feast of the village in early September with Fireworks

Around Tauves

  • Triathlon, duathlon at "la tour d'Auvergne", 8 km from Tauves, in July
  • plenty of activities in "la Bourboule" (see sancy.com)
  • Baden-guarded - in the Lake of la Tour D'Auvergne

enjoy your stay in Auvergne, in our Gîte de Aksent

http://www.Sancy-Artense.com is a useful site with all the information and activities in Tauves and surroundings.





Some activities around Tauves


La tour D'Auvergne (8 km)


  • More for swimming (guarded) and fisheries
  • Hiking
  • fishery products
  • full of activities are organised in summer
  • cross-country ski-ing in winter
  • http://www.latourdauvergne.fr/

La Bourboule (12 km)

Murat Le Quaire (14 km)

  • Sancy sled dogs sled discovery activity (activity snow or no snow)
  • the goat farm of the monts dore, educational farm, the goats feeding, bottle feeding to children, learn to milking, taste different goat cheeses.
  • toinette and the
  • scenomusee "La Toinette and Julien" : a museum of the rural life of the past and the future, accessible to all, even to young children
  • http://www.Sancy.com/commune/Murat-le-Quaire

Mont Dore (20 km)

  • cable car
  • The thermal baths of le Mont-Dore
  • Summer mountain rescue demonstration (see the tourist office)
  • Geocaching (see tourist) schattenjacht  
  • adventure of the Capuchin
  • Golf
  • goat farm Chèvrerie des Monts-Dore
  • http://www.Sancy.com/commune/Mont-Dore

Saint-Sauves (10 km)


Bort les orgues (20 km)

Murol/St-Nectaire (35 km)

Saint-Ours les Roches/Volvic (51 km)

and many other possible visit!

And why not a trip in a hot air balloon in the Grand Valley at the foot of the Puy de Dôme?

Please do not hesitate to contact us, we have many things to offer, in our region is there anything and will amaze you!